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Chosen by the Masters : Volume 2

Hey everyone! I want to share a little bit about my upcoming novella, the second installment in the Chosen by the Masters mini-series, which is also a companion series to Asta and the Barbarians. (For those of you who haven't read Asta's story yet, please message me and I'll gladly send you an ebook in exchange for an honest review!) I'm calling this novella Maddock and the Great Liberation.

I know what you're all thinking: Who is this Maddock guy? I fell in love with Jessa and Rowan. I want to read more about them! When are they coming back?!

I totally get where you're coming from. I'm right there with you! I love Jessa and Rowan. They're fierce and adorable and I can't wait to write more about them. Unfortunately, we're not going to see Jessa and Rowan for a while. This whole mini-series is essentially a collection of origin stories for several different couples, all of which will come back in Asta's sequel, Asta Among the Chosen. So hang in there and I promise you will see Jessa and Rowan again.

In the meantime, I want to introduce you to Maddock and Belhina. Now, Maddock and Belhina live in the same country as Jessa and Rowan: the icy, tundra-like land known as Loram. I'm including a little snippet of the map that is in Jessa and the Lost Goddess so you can see what I'm talking about. And also because I like showing off my map. My husband and I worked really hard on it and we hired this amazing graphic designer who did a terrific job bringing it to life (thanks, Adriano!). How can I not show off a little? ;p

Now, if you recall, Jessa and Rowan live in Sorsen and end up falling in love while trapped on the Forgotten Isle. Maddock and Belhina live in Aneosa. Maddock grew up in the countryside, rich, pampered, and sheltered. Belhina grew up in the city, poor and working hard for everything she had. But they both have one thing in common. One person, actually; Belhina's twin brother, Byx. You see, when Maddock turned 18, his father enlisted him in the armed forces. Maddock met Byx during basic training. They served together and became great friends. Byx wrote to his beloved sister about everything, Maddock included. Unfortunately, Byx died before he could ever introduce his best friend to Belhina. But before Byx died, he made Maddock promise to take care of Belhina if anything ever happened to him. And that is where Maddock's story truly begins.

Advance warning: this novella isn't nearly as action-packed as Jessa and the Lost Goddess but it does have plenty of drama, some mystery, a little humor, and--of course--romance. There's also a healing arc because, like most military men, Maddock has some scars. And I did include a tiny, little twist at the end of this novella like I did at the end of Jessa and the Lost Goddess.

Jessa's story had some elements from two of my favorite movies: Mulan and Pride & Prejudice. Maddock and the Great Liberation is no different. You'll find some similarities between Maddock's story and Beauty & the Beast as well as Freaky Friday and The Sound of Music. Seems like a bizarre combination, I know, but it works! Trust me. ;)

I just got the final proofs for the cover and I'm SO in love. I'll be doing a cover reveal on social media soon so follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out what the next novella in this series is going to look like! I'm setting a tentative publication date of September 6th but I'll let you all know if anything changes. Thanks for reading!

More news to come. :)

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