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Andromeda Chronicles

A scifi/fantasy adventure following a hero on the run and his ragtag family as they confront corrupt leaders, alien monsters, and their own trauma in their quest for a new life. This series is sure to entertain readers who are also fans of Firefly, Star Wars, or The Mandalorian.

A Favor for a Princess | Andromeda Novelette

A Favor for a Princess: An Andromeda Novelette (Free)

December 13, 2021

Elvira Marques has only ever had one goal: to start her own business outside the palace walls. But leaving the servitude of the crown is not something a Marques does. Her big brother is constantly reminding Elvira of how good they have it, how great their loud, uncomfortably close family is, how hard it is to make it in the royal city by oneself. But Elvira remains determined to see her dream become reality.

When she falls in love with Ulfric Mistsinger, the gardener’s grandson and a palace lifer, Elvira finds herself having to choose between her heart and her dream. Then Princess Kylee comes to her, asking for a dangerous favor. In exchange, the princess is willing to do one favor for Elvira.

To get caught while on this secret errand for the princess would mean getting fired. At the very least. If the queen finds this offense worthy of banishment, Elvira could lose it all. Still, the potential reward outweighs the risk…right?

As a prequel to The Andromeda's Ghost, this story explores Princess Kylee's life before she met the bodyguard who changed the course of her destiny forever.

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Young Adult Fiction Fantasy Books to Read

The Andromeda's Ghost (Book 1)

July 16, 2020

Fifty years after humanity desperately sought and found a new home on Jurthaan IV, tension with neighboring planet Palnach necessitates a peace treaty as well as the arranged marriage of Princess Kylee Wen Dao to Palnach’s Prince Maju.

Taren Platinum is the best—now banished—guard on Princess Kylee’s security team. He’s also in love with her. After crashing the royal wedding, rescuing the princess, and fleeing Jurthaan IV in a stolen spacecraft, Taren finds himself on the run with Kylee, pursued by soldiers from both Jurthaan IV and Palnach.

The lovers crash-land on Cartiss, leaving them stranded on a dying planet with targets on their backs. To escape, Taren must repair the ship with the help of a select few trustworthy citizens from the downtrodden city of Hurren. Without an official governing authority, the local gangsters are running Hurren and refusing to spread the wealth.

While Taren’s priority is getting off Cartiss and disappearing somewhere safe, Kylee believes he has what it takes to turn things around in Hurren. Drawing attention to himself is the last thing he wants to do, but his princess is right. If there’s one thing Taren can’t overlook, it’s those who threaten the lives of innocents, even when his own life is on the line.


The Andromeda's Captain | Supernatural Romance Books

The Andromeda's Captain (Book 2)

February 22, 2022

Chaos followed the untimely end of Princess Kylee’s marriage to Prince Maju. Although Queen Miyako is too worried about her missing daughter’s safety to blame her for what happened, she has no problem blaming Taren Platinum. When a recording device containing diary entries is found in the princess’s room, the queen begins to question if she’s been wrong this whole time. 

Jael wants nothing more than to return to her family but Taren gave her an assignment to take care of the kids, and she won’t let him down. When she runs into some McNair henchmen who are intent on avenging their fallen leader, the kids are caught in the crossfire.

Dr. Ezabrae Mortimer has lived peacefully among the Mirelings for years despite being human. Then she’s assigned a new patient: the fugitive Taren Platinum. As she seeks to discover the truth about him, she uncovers secrets from her own past. Secrets that make her doubt her very humanity. Taren may be the only person who can give her answers—the only problem is he’s scheduled to be executed. 


The Andromeda's Crew by Becca Fox Author

The Andromeda's Crew (Book 3)

November 7, 2023

Thanks to the technology of a face-changing choker, Taren and the kids have finally found a home on the remote planet of Hatzee. They are settling into a “normal” life and have managed to stay hidden in plain sight. But when Jael sends Taren a distress call, Queen Miyako discovers his hiding place—and then all hell breaks loose.

When Ezie and Zabbaam learn of a secret community of people who were altered in an attempt to replicate Project Chameleon, Ezie realizes she may be the cyborgs' only salvation. She desperately wants to help, but she’s worried Iskar’s research could fall into the wrong hands.

Jael and her cousin are investigating the drug trafficking organization responsible for killing her mother and injuring her uncle. When her cousin is captured, Jael knows the only person she can call on for help: Taren Platinum. Sparks fly as their investigation takes off, but the closer they get to the drug kingpin, the closer Queen Miyako gets to capturing Taren.

Will Taren manage to escape Miyako once and for all, or will the queen finally get her revenge?


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