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Chosen by the Masters

An epic fantasy adventure following people who are chosen by gods and goddesses to perform certain tasks that will better the world around them. This series would entertain readers who are also fans of Kristin Cashore's work, the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, and Pride & Prejudice.

Best Fantasy Books for Young Readers

Asta and the Barbarians

January 2024

On the day the Holgarians attack her town, Asta is blessed by a warrior god and is empowered with the heightened senses and unnatural healing abilities these foreign invaders possess. Grief-stricken and paralyzed by terror, she’s hauled onto the conquering general’s ship and taken across the sea.

One year later, Asta graduates from warrior academy with honors and is chosen as one of the king’s personal defenders. She will finally have the opportunity to kill the man who gave the general his orders, and avenge her family. She doesn’t expect the king to be young or kind, or completely oblivious of what his men are doing overseas. He has been told peaceful negotiations are going well. But Asta knows better.

Asta must find proof of the general’s treachery and bring it before the king so that she can save unconquered provinces from meeting the same fate as her hometown. But the king’s counselors suddenly start dying, and the king himself is hounded by foreign assassins. Revenge will have to wait if Asta’s going to keep the king, the mainland’s only hope, alive.

Jessa and the Lost Goddess | Adventure Romance Books

Jessa and the Lost Goddess
Chosen by the Masters : Volume I

April 5, 2022

The Right of the Firstborn: A firstborn eighteen years of age or older may answer a call-to-arms from any noble family. The task, once completed, will mark the individual as an independent adult, free to leave their parents’ home, seek higher education or employment, purchase land, marry or not.

This right may not apply to women in Jessa Copeland’s city but, when she hears that Rowan Eckersley needs volunteers to travel with him to the Forgotten Isle, she disguises herself as a man and answers the young lord’s call-to-arms. Rowan means to find the Lost Goddess who has struck their city with an incurable plague, and kill her before the plague takes his mother’s life. Jessa hopes to win her independence. Risking life and limb seems to her a small price to pay for the opportunity to escape her engagement to Beau, a man who would never permit her to go to school or learn a trade. 

Something else awaits Rowan and Jessa on the island, however, something far more dangerous than the goddess’s monsters and undead minions: true love. 


Maddock and the Great Liberation | Adventure Romance Novels

Maddock and the Great Liberation
Chosen by the Masters : Volume II

September 6, 2022

When Maddock returns from his time in the armed forces, he’s hailed as a hero because he defended the region’s largest iron ore deposit against Holgarian invaders. But all Maddock sees in the mirror is a coward, one who will never be able to make amends for his secret failure on the battlefield. Determined to try, he sets off to fulfill a promise he made to Byx, his departed brother-in-arms.

Belhina has been skating by on her earnings and the money her twin, Byx, sent home. Now that he’s gone, she has a choice to make: find yet another job to supplement his wages or get married. Her best friend and the son of the town’s clockmaker are both ready to take her to the church but, for Belhina, finding another job is the more preferable option. Then Maddock approaches her, offering his home and his wealth while asking for nothing in return. Because Belhina has read about the strapping young aristocrat in her brother’s letters, she knows she can trust Maddock. So she accepts his proposal.

As if marriage to a stranger wasn’t hard enough, a spell falls over the couple that makes them switch bodies at the midnight toll. This could only be the work of a celestial being but are they friend or foe, and what reason could they have for this interference?




Chosen by the Masters : Volume III | Becca Fox Author

Phillip and the Impossible Quest
Chosen by the Masters : Volume III

February 21, 2023

As the heir to a thriving smithy and a substantial estate, Phillip wants for nothing…except perhaps bravery and self-confidence. But when he meets Irma, the headstrong daughter of a poor farm worker, he is smitten. Her father, thankfully, can see Phillip’s goodness and is quick to give his blessing. Marriage does not guarantee affection, however. Phillip’s quest to woo his very independent wife has only just begun.

In the course of a single night, Holgarians take over the village of Kenshore. Irma falls into despair, assuming her elderly father is dead, and Phillip scrambles for a way to help. A rumor leads him into the forest, in search of a caravan of wounded persons fleeing Kenshore. Instead of finding his father-in-law, Phillip falls into a trap. While his life is spared—thanks to the Patron Saint of Creators and Innovators—he’s still taken to the Holgarian prisoner camp. There, he learns that the heavenly being has a secret mission for him and that his father-in-law is still alive.

Phillip’s only hope of survival, of reuniting Irma with her father and perhaps finally earning her love, depends on the success of his divine mission…which will require more than a little bravery, unfortunately. 



Chosen by the Masters | Best Adventure Romance Books

Aurora and the Divine Elevation
Chosen by the Masters: Volume IIII

July 11, 2023

As the Priestess of Tikal, God of the Harvest, Aurora is gifted with the ability to make crops grow at a supernatural speed. It’s because of this gift that her city is known for their produce. Unfortunately, that is also the reason why her city was conquered. 

Six years have passed since the Holgarians killed Aurora’s father, imprisoned her mother, and forced her older sister to work in the fields. During that time, Aurora has kept herself and her remaining family relatively safe by using her ability for the benefit of their invaders. She has played her roles well: the serene and encouraging priestess in front of her people, and the powerful but untouchable vessel in front of the Holgarians. It’s only thanks to her faith and secret correspondent that she’s managed to stay strong in the face of such adversity. 

A prank ends with Aurora locked in a room with a Holgarian soldier, and she quickly realizes that they’re not all monsters. The unexplained deaths of several Holgarian leaders weakens their hold over the city, and it seems like the time to revolt has finally come. But can Aurora save her people without the shedding of innocent blood? 



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