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Audio Book for Jessa and the Lost Goddess

You read that correctly. I'm doing it. I'm going to produce an audio book for Jessa and the Lost Goddess. But I can't do it alone.

As some of you may know, three of my books are under contract with BHC Press. (Another three used to be under contract with other publishers but have since been released of their contracts and have been/are in the process of being republished, but that's neither here or there.) The ones published by BHC Press already have audio books. The rest of my books, the self-published ones, are only available in ebook and paperback. Except for Death's Curses.

Back in 2021, a very generous family member donated some money so that I could produce an audio book for Death's Curses. I found a narrator through ACX, an Audible company. I found an audio editor through Fiverr. And we made it happen. You can listen to a sample here.

It was challenging to say the least but I learned a lot, made some good connections, and ended up with a great-sounding audio book. My goal is to expand my reach, grow my readership, connect with a new audience. Having one audio book out there is a good start but I don't want to stop there. Wielding my new knowledge, I want to try producing another audio book, this time for Jessa and the Lost Goddess.

I hate asking people for money but I'm starting to realize that I can't accomplish all of my dreams on my own. And that's okay! That's why we have sites like Kickstarter, right? I've started a campaign for Jessa. If you love this book and want to hear it come to life, or if you're passionate about audio books, or if you want to be a part of this project just because it sounds cool, would you consider donating? Even sharing this link would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your time!

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