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Ebook sale through Smashwords

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to add a quick post about the Smashwords sale, which is going to run for another week and a half. All of my ebooks are 50% off, except for the Andromeda Chronicles (because they're under contract with a publisher). Even Aurora and the Divine Elevation is on sale, and it just came out! This is a great opportunity to grab a pair of ebooks for $5 or less, kick back by the pool or on the beach, and truly enjoy the summer. Check out the link below if interested:

If you liked the book after you've finished reading it, please consider writing a short but honest review on Amazon or Goodreads. As a reminder, a star rating and a simple sentence like, "Great book!" will help tremendously. Fun fact: letting me know what you liked specifically will do wonders for my self-esteem and may be the inspirational juice I need to finish the next novel. ;) If you'd like to discuss characters and stories in more detail, you could always start a Facebook group and invite me to join. (Just kidding! But that would be REALLY cool...)

Hope you have a great summer (or winter, depending on where you live) and, as always, thanks for reading!

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